A life full of music

The Lower Austrian, who has been a full-time musician since 2012, made his first band experiences as a guitarist in 1999 and was involved in various musical projects until 2006, before he founded the Ben Sullivan Project, which was later renamed Ben Sullivan & Band.


After his studies at the Vienna Conservatory with main subject Jazz guitar he organized several charity concerts in St.Pölten from 2010 on, released the album LET IT RAIN, shot a music video for the Blues single DON'T KNOW WHY and played live concerts in Austria and Germany.


In the summer of 2015 he made some guest appearances in Greece and recorded a studio album on the Greek island of Lesbos with the Greek / English singer EJK. A few months later Benjamin opened the music shop "Ben's Guitar Shop" in Ober - Grafendorf / Lower Austria.


In his music he moves between the styles of blues, soul and singer-songwriter, but also cover songs are reinterpreted.


Ben has been on a vegetarian diet for over 20 years.

He lives in St.Pölten / Lower Austria and spends a lot of time hiking through nature with his 2 dogs.

Since almost 10 years he travels every summer to the Greek island Lesvos in the village Molyvos / Eftalou.



  • 1987 born and grown up in Austria
  • 1993 piano lessons
  • 1997 guitar, autodidact
  • 2008 - 2011 Vienna Konservatorium - Study Jazz Guitar 
  • 2011 Foundation - Ben Sullivan Records
  • 2011 CD Let it rain release
  • since 2012 self-employed professional musician
  • 2014 CD recordings - Lesbos/Greece
  • 2015 December - Opening - Ben's Guitar Shop - Music shop in Ober - Grafendorf
  • 2020 / 2022 CD works ... NEW BS Album





Gate Guitar Sullivan Custom # 40




Modell: OOO ''Ben Sullivan 30''


  • E - Guitar:                                                                                          
    • Michael Spalt Thinline Tele
    • Gibson ES 335, red
    • Gibson Les Paul Studio
    • Eko Jazz Gitarre Bj. ca. 1962
    • Haar Stratocaster, sunburst
    • Haar Telecaster, butterscotch
    • Aria Pro II ES 200        
    • Larrivee RS-2, P-90 Pickups, white
    • FGN Boundary Odyssey, yellow                                                                        
  • Acoustic Guitars:                                                                     
    • Larrivee OM 03
    • Harich Friedrich, Modell: OOO ''Ben Sullivan 30 Signature"
    • Taylor 110e USA
    • St.Blues Cigar Box Guitar 4 String
    • Furch Little Jane Travel Guitar
    • Furch Blue Plus, Baritone
    • Admira Mod. Malaga ECT Konzertgitarre
    • Camps AC5 Fichte, Flamenco Gitarre
    • Eko Banjo Made in Italy, Bj. ca. 1970                                                                         
  • Amp:                                                                            
    • Nepomuk Pico
    • Tweed Miestinger Boutique Amps
    • Fender Blues Junior 
    • HK Club Reverb                                                                                                           
  • Amp Mics:                                                                             
    • Audix
    • Shure
    • Sennheiser                                                                                                                            
  • Effekte: Crazy Tube Circuits, Electro Harmonix, Fulltone... 
  • Soundwork Seidler, Fuzz & Real Drive Deluxe
  • Ben uses Handmade Olivewood Guitar Picks (Olivewood House Lesvos, Greece)                    
  • Ben uses Couch Guitar Straps, USA & RightOn Mojo Guitar Straps, Spain