A life full of music

The Lower Austrian, who has been a

full-time musician since 2012, made

his first band experiences as a

guitarist in 1999 and was involved in

various musical projects until 2006,

before he founded the Ben Sullivan

Project, which was later renamed

Ben Sullivan & Band.



After his studies at the Vienna

Conservatory with main subject Jazz

guitar he organized several charity

concerts in St.Pölten from 2010 on,

released the album LET IT RAIN,

shot a music video for the Blues

single DON'T KNOW WHY and played

live concerts in Austria and



In the summer of 2015 he made

some guest appearances in Greece

and recorded a studio album on the

Greek island of Lesbos with the

Greek / English singer EJK.

A few months later Benjamin

opened the music shop

"Ben's Guitar Shop" in

Ober - Grafendorf / Lower Austria.



In his music he moves between the

styles of blues, soul and

singer-songwriter, but also cover

songs are reinterpreted.


Ben has been on a vegetarian diet

for over 20 years.

He lives in St.Pölten / Lower Austria

and spends a lot of time hiking

through nature with his 2 dogs.

Since almost 10 years he travels

every summer to the Greek island

Lesvos in the village

Molyvos / Eftalou.



  • 1987 born and grown up in Austria
  • 1993 piano lessons
  • 1997 guitar, autodidact
  • 2008 - 2011 Vienna Konservatorium - Study Jazz Guitar 
  • 2011 Foundation - Ben Sullivan Records
  • 2011 CD Let it rain release
  • since 2012 professional musician
  • 2014 CD recordings - Lesbos/Greece
  • 2015 December - Opening - Ben's Guitar Shop - Music shop in Ober - Grafendorf
  • 2020 / 2022 NEW BS Album


Michael Spalt Telecaster "Gate Guitar Sullivan Custom #040"